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A 3-Step Copywriting Formula That Works

When it comes to copy writing there is a very simple formula which is used to write good copy easily and effectively. When sticking to this formula and learning how to master it you can very easily increase your rate of conversion.  The name of the formula is the Hook, Line and Sinker formula and with it you can become a good copywriter.


The very first thing that will grab your readers’ attention is the heading. If the heading of your piece is boring, the reader will not even bother to read the rest of your article. Keep your headings interesting, punchy and full of promise. Once you have them hooked on the title, you need to keep them hooked during the opening paragraph, which is just as important.


The body of your message needs to have information which pertains to how the reader will benefit from what you have to offer. You will then also need to ‘sell’ these benefits by providing supporting facts. The trick is to deliver the facts and keep people interested at the same time.  You need to string people along from one paragraph to the next offering information yet also not too much. Stick to one benefit per paragraph and end each paragraph with a promise of the ‘full’ story waiting in the next paragraph. This is how you keep people interested in reading your entire post.


Everybody loves a good story but the job of a copywriter is not solely to entertain. A copy writer needs to be able to convert readers to customers. The purpose of copy writing is to sell and not merely entertain. The sinker is what ‘closes’ the deal, it is in fact one of the main purposes of the post. The sinker is your call to action.  Copy writing need not necessarily be to sell a product, the purpose may also be to get more followers or to get people to subscribe to a blog. What is important is that you have an end result in mind which is your call to action.

If you have any questions or comments about this 3-step copy writing formula, please feel free to contact me.