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Tips on getting more traffic to your blog

A great blogger is someone who has found a way to write content that has his/her target audience coming back for more. Not only do they keep their current readers happy but they also attract new readers. Writing a blog in the style of an online diary does not work if you want to draw an audience other than yourself.

If you want to draw traffic to your blog, you need to focus on delivering information that is of value to your readers, even if this means entertainment value rather than purely informational content in your blog copywriting.

Understanding your readers

You need to understand who your readers are and what in your blog they find interesting. Are they coming to your blog to be inspired or are they looking for tips? Understanding your reader is a fundamental part of blog copywriting that speaks to your reader. Remember that it is an individual person who will be reading your message, so it works best to adopt a conversational way of writing.

Focus on the reader

You need to focus on the reader when writing blog posts and they need to keep people hooked. The word ‘You’ is very important when making a connection with your reader. When combined with an understanding of their needs, you create a strong bond with your reader, making them more receptive to your message. Use ‘You’ as much as possible, making the blog post sound personal yet without sounding like a preacher.

Captivate your reader

Hook, line and sinker is the three part formula which you must master in order to become a great blogger.

  1. Grab attention. When you write a good heading half of your work is already done. A good heading will grab the attention of potential readers like nothing else can.
  2. Line. Make sure that your blog post is interesting and that it flows well. Make it interesting by making people laugh or by making them really think.
  3. Sinker. The sinker is the call to action. All copywriters know that their efforts will not be successful if there is no call to action.