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How to increase your SEO rankings

My mantra this month is short and sweet. “Use a professional copywriter.” Yup, that’s my (unbiased!) advice to anyone wanting to improve their search engine rankings. Research reveals that informative web content is the most important factor when it comes to achieving high rankings on the major search engines.


An experienced copywriter knows exactly how to structure your content to maximise its SEO potential. He or she knows how to combine relevant information and facts with your all-important keywords and keyword phrases. You see, when search engines crawl pages of a website they’re drawn to strong content, content that contains well-written and keyword-rich information. That’s why it makes so much sense to have your it written by a professional.

A freelance copywriter will give you informative content that incorporates your all-important keywords and keyword phrases and you’ll be surprised at how little this costs. Colourful graphics and the look and feel of your website may be impressive but these are not enough to keep visitors browsing for long. On the other hand, well-written, snappy, information will. SEO experts confirm that content is still king and is a key factor in determining the rankings of websites.

So when your website is being designed or re-worked, be sure to ask your web designer to suggest a copywriter, or track one down yourself by googling ‘professional SEO copywriter’ or ‘freelance copywriter’.  A greatly improved search engine ranking will make the minimal cost well worth it.