Phil McCumskey offers professional website and print copy writing in the United Kingdom, Europe & South Africa.
Phil McCumskey is a freelance copywriter based in West Sussex, UK and offers advertorial and editorial copywriting services.

Advertorial & Editorial Copywriting

Working as an advertising copywriter, I provide sales and marketing flyers, brochures and press releases. I can also write your magazine or newsletter, making sure your brand is put across in the best way possible. Having worked on numerous projects, you can be sure that I’ll meet all your needs, so that your marketing efforts have the best effect.

Take a look at the work I’ve done for previous clients as copywriter by clicking on any of the below project thumbnails:

Content copy writing for Boutique Sands Hotel Editorial copywriting for Yorkshire Brides Magazine Writing of content for a corporate brochure for City Fair Trades Article writing for FreeBingo Writing of content for a leaflet for Happy Watts Writing of newsletters for your company SEO Article - Gazumping and Gazundering SEO Article - Biohazards and Chemical Biohazards Editorial copywriting for businesses Advertorial copywriting for a web design company Writing of brochures for Home by Woodword

So if you’re a butcher, baker or candlestick maker and need a string of words from an experienced print copywriter or someone to do your advertorial and editorial copywriting, let’s talk.