Phil McCumskey offers professional website and print copy writing in the United Kingdom, Europe & South Africa.
Phil McCumskey is a web and seo copywriter based in West Sussex, UK

Website & SEO Copywriting

The inclusion of keywords on your site is vital, but website content is most effective when visitors to your site like the content enough to share it or link to it. Good content is the foundation that supports all your other SEO initiatives. 

With this in mind, I make sure I write content that’s compelling, interesting and informative, providing a reason for visitors to spend more than just a few seconds reading your pages. I include the keywords you would like a page to be found for – those that your keyword research has pinpointed – and use them naturally on your web pages. 

Content that works is content that captures most of the elements the major search engines utilise to position your website into a particular category or classification. There are numerous content quality indicators that search engines use, so the more of these you satisfy, the better it will be. Search engines are also drawn to images, news items and videos on your site, so it’s a good idea to include some of these.